Question: What are your dinacharya obstacles?

Dinacharya is the key to healthy living.

I love my dinacharya but I really wish that I could practice every day.  Some days it is nearly impossible, other days it is easy.  I do know that I benefit most when it becomes a habitual routine.

Take a moment to let me know what are your obstacles.

I would also love to hear specifics in the comments below.

More about Dinachayra

  1. Many people think that a dinacharya is a list of things to get done during the day. That’s the hard way. Read… How to get into your Dinacharya Part 1 of 4

I really appreciate the time you took to comment and read this post.  If there are any obstacles that you need clarity and on, feel free to let me know by commenting below. Together we can find solutions.

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