Life in Balance – The Power of Three

Many people come to ayurveda after they have given up on other health management protocols. Once introduced to ayurveda they find out about the doshas, then they find out that they are dual-doshic.  Classic cases are vata/pitta or kapha/pitta not in these orders necessarily.  The next thing they do is try to balance out their dosha, meaning bring the dosha back under control.

If you are dual dosha and one is cold and the other is hot, what do you take away or add so you don’t aggravate either of the doshas?

Is this how you attempt to balance life and health?


We think that in order to create balance we need to choose between the two ends. Sometimes one end is heavier, or bigger.  A balanced life does not mean that the two ends of the scale or teeter totter needs to be equal.   Usually our focus is in the wrong place on the ends when it really should be placed elsewhere.  Seesaw animals



Its always the third element which has most of the power in creating balance.

The power of three

  • Rinse ♦ Wash ♦ Dry
  • Brahma ♦ Vishnu ♦ Shiva
  • Father ♦ Son ♦ Holy Spirit
  • Eat ♦ Pray ♦ Love
  • Earth ♦ Wind ♦ Fire
  • Tamas ♦ Rajas ♦ Sattwa
  • Vata ♦ Pitta ♦ Kapha

I could probably go on forever writing examples of what I mean by the power of three. Each of these groupings are a concept to balance a particular power or way of being. To get to a place of balance one must go through the central word within the three.

How concept works

Earth ♦ Wind ♦ Fire

Earth is regarded as the energy of stability

Wind is regarded as the energy of movement

Fire is regarded as the energy of transformation and destruction

In order to create fire, earth must be moved (think lighting a match or rubbing two sticks) In order to stop a fire one needs to move some substance onto the fire which will creates earth (ash).

Brahma ♦ Vishnu ♦ Shiva or the energy of Creation ♦ Sustaining♦ Destruction

Everything that is created in this world is sustained for a short while then is ended.

Tamas ♦ Rajas ♦ Sattwa – Three States of Mind

Tamas is Dull and Dark

Rajas is Excitable and Active

Sattwa is light and stable

The best way of naturally relieving depression (tamasic)  is to exercise (rajas) is one of the best ways to become light (sattvic).  Too much rajas will create dullness eventually because one simply tires out. Too much sattwa one has no desire to do anything and cannot function in the world.  Again the solution is rajas.

Since this is a post about ayurveda I must write in terms of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

Why is it so difficult to balance dual doshic people?

Imagine Vata (the bioenergetic of dry, light and cold) on one end of the see-saw. And imagine Kapha (the bioenergetic of wet, heavy and cold) on the other end of the see-saw.  In order to balance these two energetics one must use the Pitta quality of hot in order to alleviate the quality of cold in both Vata and Kapha.

Imagine Vata (the bioenergetic of movement) on one end of the see-saw. And imagine Pitta (the bioenergetic of spreading) on the other end of the see-saw.  In order to balance these two energetics one must use the Kapha quality of stability t in order to alleviate the quality of spreading motion in both Vata and Pitta.

Imagine Pitta (the bioenergetic of fire and water) on one end of the see-saw. And imagine Kapha (the bioenergetic of earth and water) on the other end of the see-saw. In order to balance these two energetics one must use the Vata quality of air in order to maintain the element of fire in a Pitta and Kapha person.

Ayurvedic texts describe twenty gunas each connected to one or two of the doshas.  

The number twenty is too large for anyone to manage properly, however three is a perfect number.  Three is super powerful.

Word of advice: whenever solving a balancing problem, find the third choice and rise above the two.

“The Science and Art of Ayurveda consists of three parts hetu (causes), linga (symptoms) and ausadha (medicine or treatment).” Astanga Hrdayam Pisharodi 2015 pg 12

When treating a dis-ease go to the cause, which the symptoms are indicators of. If only the symptom is treated then dis-ease will continue.

What is the third element you’ve found that works best for you?




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