My madness… freedom from illusion

So yesterday, I looked at my issues, what stops me from moving forward.  Although it may have sounded like public angst, it really was a process to find out what makes me tick.  Those were the hurdles that I need to overcome to get to my why.

Today’s challenge is to look at why I do what I do. I discovered that I have a madness of sorts, an ecstatic madness to shake up this world of illusion.

I get high when someone is freed from a thought form that makes them disabled in their disease process.

Healing happens in this place.

The experience is shared with others and  the others believe that they to can be free from their disease process too.

Together we can change our relationship to suffering in disease and move on to living.

I don’t need any other substance to get high.  I love seeing this world’s illusions disappear. Behind the illusion is immortality and love. The colors are brighter, the songs are sweeter, the perfumes are headier.

Freedom shows us that life is so very precious and time is an illusion. First we have to change our relationship to the physical body and expand our minds. Health is just the first step.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2


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