I am more than my hormones

Done with being defined by my hormones. Thank you very much.

Hormonal Imbalance

Are you hormonal? Is it that time of the month? Hormones running?  In my teens it was “It’s just hormone’s honey, you’ll grow out of it.” At peri-menopause it was, hormones running wild, must control them.  Now its hormones low must control and supplement them. A woman’s health is connected to her hormonal imbalance and frankly I’m just over it.


The identification of and radical control of hormones by the medical profession is another way to control the female of our species.  Hormones have been said to contribute to insanity. They are to be controlled and if not controlled the offending organ should be cut out.

Even in vitamin shops, the women’s section is divided into three sections based on the levels of hormones in the body.

At midlife I realize that my femininity in fact one my roles in society is based on the levels of hormones (estrogen to be specific) in my system. I know was a little slow on the uptake.  I’ve never been one to be defined by anything. I am more than my hormones!

Rant over.

My grandmother’s and mother’s relationship to their hormones.

Hormones? What are they? That time of the month? What is this PMS thing? We never had it. Peri-menopause? Hot flashes? Heard of them, never had them. Wait, maybe two times, felt a little warm. Menopause? Ok, so it stopped, what’s the big deal?

So I’m thinking, why the change?  What are we doing or not doing today that my ancestors did.  I discovered the answer in Ayurveda.

Laws of nutrition

Within ayurveda there is a concept called the “laws of nutrition”  The laws of nutrition reveals how food becomes tissue.  Tissue is a very limited word so I will say Dhatu. There are seven Dhatu, the last of which is the expression, function and tissue of sexuality.

The creation, development, balance or imbalance of hormones reside within the laws that govern the creation of dhatu (tissue/organs etc).

Nutritional Law of Irrigation

law of irrigationThere is one specific law called the law of irrigation whereby food is converted into dhatu in a specific order. As in an irrigation system, water is carried from plant to plant, the first plant gets the full force of the water the second gets some of the left over water and so on.

Within this law the seventh tissue, the one that deals with reproduction gets what’s left after the first six have had their fill. (This is a very simplified version of the law of irrigation.)  In this way we can see that food affects all the dhatu (tissue). The higher the quality of food the more nourishment each of the dhatu receive and the likelihood of healthy formed tissue increases.

So what happened between my mothers generation and my generation? Preservatives. Not just any ole preservative but preservatives that allow food to sit for a 6 months to a year without going bad. The fundamental process of the breakdown of food has been altered so the nutritional process of changing food to tissue has been delayed and altered.

Food is deprived of prana when it sits around for long periods of time. The preceding tissues don’t have enough prana or life force to make it all the way through to the seventh dhatu (tissue).  That tissue is then no longer creating hormones properly.  And when that happens hormonal imbalance arises.  PMS, Perimenause, Hot Flashes, Sleepless Nights, Lack of Energy, Anger, Depression.

Action Tip

How to move away from the hormonal trap?

There are many lifestyle changes that need to occur in order for the body to create good healthy viable reproductive tissue.  The earlier in life these changes are made the less likely for there to be issues in later years.

  1. Reduce commercially made foods that contain preservatives
  2. Learn Ayurvedic Inspired Food Habits and adjust accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Done with being defined by my hormones. Thank you very much.

  1. Wow. You seem to be spot on. I never thought about how Mom and Grandma never had the same hormone issues that I have had. Since I’ve been eating a purer, no processed food diet, my hormone issues have disappeared.

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