Homemade Ayurvedic Ghee

Ghee – A Healthy Choice

For those of you who know me, I am a huge ghee fan.  I am not into fads or diets other than intuitively listening to my own body.  Just about every day, I recommend adding ghee to someone’s diet, unless there are cholesterol issues, in which case I suggest that they speak to their physician first.

So what is ghee?

Ghee is sometimes called clarified butter for ease of understanding.  This is what The Chopra Center has to say about the topic of Ghee

Nutritional Facts

There are so many benefits to using ghee.  Michael Ravensthorpe has put together scientific nutritional data of ghee in his article, Ghee: A Clarified, Antioxidant Rich Butter. Yes, omega 3’s can be found in ghee.

You can find ghee in many grocery stores refrigerated in the dairy section, which is a bit absurd as it does not need to be refrigerated.  Grocery store bought ghee may not have the same qualities as ghee from smaller manufacturers due to industrialization and handling methods.

Although it is a dairy product, the fats that get rancid, are removed.  You do however have to watch for contamination.  Use a clean dry spoon to scoop out your ghee.  Leftover water can cause the ghee to mold.

Make your own Ghee

If you want to make your own ghee I’ve got a video for you!


Ghee is making headlines.  Here’s what the Daily Mail has to say about Ghee

A spoon of ghee full of health: ‘Poses no danger to cardiac health’ and could protect us from cancer

Forbes Magazine has done a piece call A Brief History of Ghee in the US

Celebrities too… not sure how I feel about this.

A Kardashian and Cosmo are touting the use of Ghee.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I would never recommend drinking ghee first thing in the morning for everyone and anyone.  My favorite two words are “It Depends!” Your body should be evaluated according to condition, dosha, strength and time (season and age) before recommending any regimen. Do you remember what happened with “The Cleanse”? Celebrities got involved and a good cleanse got discredited and became harmful to people who abused its use.

Here’s how I love getting my daily dose of ghee other than cooking with it on a regular basis.

GOLDEN MILK!  My favorite. An added benefit of Golden Milk is I get to use TURMERIC!

Dr. Arjan Khalsa made one of the best videos on Golden Milk … works for vegans as well.  This video uses other oils, but I use ghee mostly in my Golden Milk.

Another favorite use of mine is making ghee candles, I’ll show you how I make them another time.

If you want to purchase a good quality ghee, Banyan Botanicals carries a good organic ghee.


Let me know how you use ghee.  Recipes are most welcome.

7 thoughts on “Ghee – A Healthy Choice

  1. In the video there is no mention of Ghee. She does talk about adding almond or sunflower oil after the Golden Milk is made. Do you add ghee instead of that oil or in some other part of this recipe?

    1. Hi Beth, Yes I often add ghee instead of the oils the video mentions. I believe she left it out because of her choice of veganism as her lifestyle. I will often change oils and spices used in the Golden Milk based on taste, season and dosha aggravated. Ghee is very helpful for vata and pitta doshas, so I tend to use it over coconut oil unless its summer time, when I need the cooling energy of coconut oil. In other words just replace the oil with ghee if it suites your needs and taste.

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