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Five reasons to join an Ayurveda Study Group

Study groups are not just for college students and book clubs! Quite often you will find me hanging out on social network groups talking and asking questions about ayurveda, herbs, healing and nutrition.  Groups build an amazing community around a common interest.

The problem with a group on social media is often I don’t see the comments and posts my friends have due to automated filtration systems. Sometimes there is simply too much discussion with people coming from way too many backgrounds and experiences.

Still there is much value in joining an on-line study group.

  1. Accountability  Life happens! All too often I make a promise to myself and I don’t schedule time in my day, week, month to study a topic I’m interested in. When I am in a group study I tend to end procrastination and avoid distractions so I can join in on a conversation about a topic I love.  I also get to focus my attention by surrounding myself with motivated people in the topic of study.
  2. Ideas are shared that may not have come up before As an adult, my study habits and trains of thoughts have become engrained. I personally tend to think in large patterns and esoteric meanings.  When studying alone, my go to insights do not drill down to the details. I prefer principle over factoids.  When studying in a group there are people who think differently. Group sharing invokes a greater understanding of the subject.
  3. Solutions to put ayurveda to practical use Ayurveda provides individual solutions to healthy lifestyles.  Sometimes I can’t see my own shortcomings.  An intimate private group can help me find solutions when I am stumped without fear of ridicule.
  4. Study groups promote critical thinking and creativity as new questions and explanations within discussions and debates. An interactive environment ensures a much deeper learning ayurveda that would be missed with self study. Study groups are cooperative but also have a competitive nature to them which makes them more dynamic.
  5. Community I love Ayurveda but there aren’t too many people, who are dedicated to study a particular text or topic within Ayurveda. A well managed on-line forum offers the opportunity to gather like minded people to share.

Proposal for an Ayurveda Study Group:

This is what I’m looking for in forming this study group. Here are a few tips that students should consider when making the commitment to form or join an effective study group:

  • Our group will not exceed 10 members (8 people plus guest participant and me)
  • Meeting weekly on-line via video is essential
  • A dedicated web space with subjects, questions and answers available to members of study group pertaining to topic. Dedicated private group chat space where everyone in group can just hop on whenever.
  • The group will determine the pace of study. What will be covered from the start—the leader and an assistant will only ensure that the group stays on track
  • Weekly review  of material together, go over difficult questions, and address any other problems group members face
  • Have fun with the group!

Ready to join me in a study group?

Here is what I’m looking for:

This first Volume covers the first 4 chapters of the Ashtanga Hrdayam. The translation is clear and has the western student in mind. The four chapters covered in this book are. 1. Ayuskamiyam – The quest for longevity 2. Dinachariya – Daily Regimen 3. Rtucharya – Seasonal Regimen 4. Roganutpadaniyam – Prevention of the origin of disease.
  • I am looking to work with the people that are passionate about ayurveda who motivate and inspire.
  • No-Prerequisite of having studied this material before or being a professional. A sincere desire for knowledge is needed and some time to prepare for our group.
  • May need an assistant to help prepare the necessary reading before the meeting to add value to understanding. The assistant may also be needed for group outreach.
  • Small fee to pay for the technology, the fee won’t be more than a discounted yoga class.
  • New Group begins Thursday January 12th 1:30pm EST

I hope you want to join in a cozy and efficient study group. I think it will turn out to be pretty fun!

Here’s a link for how to join: Study with friends: Ashtanga Hrdayam Thursdays

I’ve also included immediate access to the Opening Mantras if you want to begin before the January 2017.

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