explaining ayurveda

Explaining Ayurveda: The Greatest Anti-Aging Healer

Explaining Ayurveda

Ayurveda is sometimes really challenging to explain and define because the healing practice is so vast, so individual, so old yet ever renewing.

The shortest way I explain ayurveda: a holistic lifestyle and medical system.

Ayurveda defines health and the maintenance of health on an individual level.  If health of the individual has been compromised, Ayurveda addresses the underlying cause as well as the multilayered effects of disease.  Ayurveda is unique in that disease is defined as anything that deviates from health.  This understanding of health provides an ayurvedic practitioner the upper hand in stopping a disease process while still in the “undiagnosable stage”.

An ayurvedic practitioner spends time with their client listening to histories, lifestyle, environment, genetic factors and relationships. They seek out all the factors which can influence long-term health as well as complex chronic diseases.  The practitioner will then offer adjustments to lifestyle (routines, food, exercise, herbs) and/or therapies. The clients health goals and current living situation are kept in mind.

Ayurveda is inclusive, “Everything can be medicine and everything can be poison.”

Doctors researched and chronicled these treatments for thousands of years and are the foundation for many medical systems and holistic practices today. Surgery is even part of the Ayurvedic tradition.

Rejuvenation and Ayurveda

Healthy Midlife A major focus is on rejuvenation, an ayurvedic specialty, which has yet to be picked up by other holistic practices.  Rejuvenation is a way to get more energy, renewal of and more efficient life giving processes.  In other words it emphasizes anti-aging as part of the overall treatment for every person.

Ayurveda supports the individual expressions of health and vitality in any stage of life.  Ultimately Ayurvedic methods help consistently upgrade vigor for progressively improved enjoyment of life.

How do you define ayurveda? What is your go-to response when someone asks you about it.

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