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How to get into your Dinacharya Part 1 of 6

Sooner or later everyone introduced to Ayurveda is introduced to the concept of dinacharya.

Dinacharya can be translated into daily regimen or routine. There seems to be a huge list of rules regarding, food, exercise, sleep and all sorts of other activities. Some are things you already do like brushing teeth and others are completely foreign or impossible to do given your lifestyle.

While it makes total sense to create a dinacharya based on ayurvedic principles. Benefits are clear. Just like new year’s resolutions once the enthusiasm is gone it over. A change in routine, meaning illness, job change, home move, marriage, divorce, children, school schedules and even mood, the dinacharya goes out the window and difficult to get back.

Inevitably enthusiasm goes away and will power and adaptability must replace it.

How to start or get back on the Dinacharya Horse – in four Six parts

Most people start with a food log and a set of rules.  I say NO… start with who are you?

You must know who you are before your start. Well not the whole philosophical, existential, metaphysical aspect of the question.  You just need to understand your patterns.  What flavor of disciplined person are you?

You may have a combination of these three dosha-s but look for your predominant trait.

vata archetypeVata:

Superpower: Can be creative in adaptation, will make it fun

Kryptonite (Downfall): Unwillingness or inability to be regular

pitta archetypePitta:

Superpower: Is disciplined has a plan for implementation and follow through

Kryptonite (Downfall): Can be overcritical and will add too much to the plan

kapha archetypeKapha:

Superpower – Ability to keep to a schedule

Kryptonite (downfall):  Does not have the willpower to start or must investigate further and will procrastinate


Tip: On a scale of one to ten ask yourself where you lie on the following graph for the most part for all three dosha-s.

Scale Vata Pitta Kapha


Notice where your superpower lies. Find your Kryptonite.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Am I willing to develop a superpower for my dinacharya?
  2. Which superpower do I want to develop?
  3. What steps am I willing to make to develop my superpower?
  4. Am I ok with my kryptonite?
  5. What are the symptoms of my kryptonite?
  6. Which steps am I willing to take to strengthen against the Kryptonite?

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