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Dinacharya Now – Systems (2 of 6)

Dinacharya Now – Current state of your routine

You’ve figured out what your dosha super powers are. Its time to figure out what you actually do right now. What is the state of your dinacharya now?

If you don’t know what your superpower and kryptonite is based on your dosha please start here:  How to get into your Dinacharya.

Where do daily activities come from?

I’ve discovered that each of us do what we do based on several outer influences rather than internal influences.

  1. Family training
  2. Social training
  3. Government training
  4. School training / self taught books
  5. ??? just is that way.

These influences are mostly unconscious and have entered into our daily routines without our conscious agreement or permission.


The first step in creating a conscious dinacharya is to get these unconscious and sometimes conscious habits out in front.

  1. Get out a piece of paper,
  2. Very quickly write down everything you do or think you do from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.

I used a mind map to help me pull out what can be done during the course of a day.



(You can print out the mind map by clicking on the image)

To help jog your memory here is a list of activities you may have:

This list is in no particular order

  • brush teeth
  • make bed
  • drink coffee
  • eat breakfast
  • take vitamins/meds
  • Eat (Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack late night snack)
  • exercise
  • facebook time / internet time
  • entertainment
  • enjoy company of …
  • homework
  • travel/commute
  • work
  • bathe
  • cook
  • pray
  • meditate
  • pray

please, please please…

no judgements, no dreams of what should be, could be or would be.

No remembering of what you did when you where young, in school, with family do not pull in the past.

Just write down what is now.

Breathe, Relax, Have Tea

Once you’ve written down everything you do its time to have some tea.

You just pulled habits and unconscious behavior on to a platform where you can see them.  The next step is to track what you are doing for a week.

Bullet Journal Dinacharya now
Real example of how I keep my tracker.

I like tracking what I do in a bullet journal.  My bullet journal is a whole other topic.  However within the bullet journal is a page I created to help me keep track of habits I currently have.

You can create something like this based on your mind map or list you created.  You can also get as detailed as you like.  The idea is to track what you do and days you do it.

Some more advice for each of the dosha-s:

Vata super hero
My Super Power is “I can flow with the changes.”


Vata: Stay focused.  You can make this as pretty and creative as you want.  Give yourself a short deadline to complete this exercise.  Stay away from the future.


My super power is “I get things done!”


PittaTry to keep this simple.  Your details of everything you do is not necessary.  Stay in the present and out of perfection.



My Super Power is “I’m in it for the long haul”


Kapha: Start tracking today.  Give yourself permission to start tracking without delay. Try to stay out of the past.  There is no need to purchase materials to create a tracker. You can fill out the details as you go.


Next Post in this series:

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Can you conquer the food log on your own?  Show me how you do it.

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