Answers to questions in ayurveda are specific to time place and individual.

Questions about Ayurveda? – It depends

Before I go head long into the most frequently asked questions about Ayurveda, there is one concept, you need to understand.

“It depends.”

Give that answer to an Ayurvedic practitioner and they will shake their heads chuckling. 😆

Give that answer to a health seeker and the facial expression turns to one of frustration. 😕

Life is dynamic. Your life is unique, your body is unique and your health conditions are unique. Why settle for one size fits all?

1. What does an Ayurvedic practitioner do?

It depends. Some do lifestyle consultations, some provide herbal remedies, others prescribe specific massage and oils techniques, others work with with nutrition.

2. How fast will symptoms be resolved using Ayurvedic techniques?

It depends. How long have the symptoms been experienced? How dedicated is the client in being proactive in their own health care?

3. Do I have to eat Indian food to eat ayurvedically?

It depends. Indian cuisine is the most studied food of Ayurveda. If you absolutely can’t stand Indian food or don’t want to learn how to cook it, any food can be eaten ayurvedically.  Food is categorized by its main qualities of digesting the four main qualities are heaviness/lightness and heating/cooling.  Eating the six tastes in a meal will also enable you to eat ayurvedically. Each taste has a different action on digestion.

4. Do I have to give up eating meat?

It depends. Although Ayurveda prescribes a mostly vegetarian diet for its ease of digestion. Meat has been described in detail in the ancient texts, for its digestibility and healing qualities. Quite often bone soup is prescribed for people with consumption and other diseases.

5. Do I have to give up coffee?

It depends. Substituting coffee with another hot drink is ideal. Coffee is quite acidic and considered a drug, quitting coffee all at once causes stress. We want to avoid stress. An Ayurvedic practitioner always has some modification to suit the lifestyle and circumstance of the client. Ayurveda is a very individualized type of healing/medical practice. In the case of coffee, adding cardamom will mitigate the acidity in coffee.

6. Will I have to practice yoga? I heard yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences.

It depends. Part of a good health regimen is regular exercise and practicing mindfulness. Yoga can provide both those objectives in one package. You can substitute yoga with good walks, bicycle riding or Tai Chi, anything that is considered exercise will work. Ayurveda and yoga are connected in that they come from India originally and they share some common philosophies. Ayurveda is the science of life while yoga is about stilling the mind.

7. When are you available for consultations?

It depends. In my office or by skype? Mornings or afternoons?

8. How can I study ayurveda on-line?

You can join Prasad Heals Ayurveda School Online where there are free and paid-for courses to study ayurveda for personal use. You can also download information about ayurveda at our free resource library.

Any other questions?

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